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Company Fixed Deposits

INVEST NOW IN COMPANY FIXED DEPOSITS - Fixed Deposit Interest Rates In India

Company Fixed Deposit is the amount deposited for a fixed period of time with a company which offers a fixed rate of return. The deposits by any NBFC or Manufacturing company are governed by Companies Act 58A.

Bajaj Finance LtdFAAA By CRISIL, MAAA By ICRA7.608.158.40 8.40 8.400.35 (upto 1cr)25000 Download
DHFL Aashray Deposit Scheme 13 Months-Trusts Only CARE-AAA and BWR-FAAA8.00---- .4050000 Download
DHFL Swayamsidha(18 Months) – Exclusively for femalesCARE-AAA and BWR-FAAA----- .40 10,000/- Download
DHFL-Aashray Deposit PlusCARE-AAA and BWR-FAAA8.008.30 8.708.708.70.4020000(M) and
Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services LtdCRISIL-FAA 8.008.35 8.508.508.50 .25 10000 Download
PNB Housing FinanceFAAA/Stable by CRISIL7.958.10
8.35 8.40 8.45 .25 20000 Download

MF Invest India provides a platform to invest in Fixed Deposit Schemes of some of the best companies online

What do we mean by Corporate Fixed Deposits?

Deposits in any NBFC or Manufacturing Company that earn a “fixed rate of return” over a period of time are called Corporate Fixed Deposits.

Benefits of Company Fixed Deposits

  • Higher interest rate: The rate of interest is 2-4 percent high, as compared to the interest rate offered by banks on fixed deposits
  • Regular income: Depending on the scheme, investors have the option to receive interest at monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly intervals
  • Lock-in period: The minimum lock-in period for most of the schemes is six months, i.e. investors can withdraw their money post six months, anytime
  • TDS: TDS is not deducted if interest earned is equals to or less than 5,000 for a year in a single company.

Important things to consider

  • Investors must carefully read the application form
  • Check the rating of the company before investing
  • Do a background check of the company before putting money into it
  • Companies may change the interest rates on the fixed deposit schemes without any prior notice


MF Invest India only acts as a mediator between its clients and the company inviting/accepting fixed deposits, known as Principal Company. Neither MF Invest India nor its employees, partners, agents etc., endorse and/or certify the information provided by the Company seeking deposits and shall not be liable (legally or otherwise) under any circumstances.

Invest in corporate fixed deposits from leading corporate houses

Every corporate fixed deposit on offer is meticulously verified by our research experts

Enjoy the benefits of safety along with high returns by investing in ‘Selected’ corporate fixed deposits

Flexibility to choose your investment amount, tenure, interest payment and maturity periods.

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