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Look Beyond Traditional Instruments For Retirement Planning

Look beyond traditional instruments for Planning Retirement

Retirement is inescapable. Most of us eventually look to invest in PF. As the expenses of lifestyle are rising and increasing nuclear structure of Indian households an investor must look beyond traditional instruments and must consider avenues such as Equity mutual funds with long time horizon to invest to support their sunset years.

First we will discuss, the reasons for building a large retirement corpus:

Rising lifestyle expenses – Household expenses have grown exponentially over the years

Span of retirement – In India average life expectancy is 68 years with improvement in health care facilities, whereas some individuals prefer to retire earlier too. Thus the average span of retirement goes upto 20 years & that’s a lot of years to live off savings.

Nuclearization of family – The average number of people in a house in India has decreased to less than five over a decade ago.

Traditional instruments may not suffice for Retirement planning - To reiterate, need for garnering higher returns to live a comfortable retirement life has arisen. However, traditional products may not suffice as they may not offer inflation adjusted returns.

Consider Equity mutual fund schemes to enlarge the retirement kitty - Investors must consider investing in Equity mutual fund schemes to generate a larger corpus for retirement. Long investment horizon of retirement planning reduces the short-term risk associated with equity.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk and the Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing & must read all scheme related document carefully

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