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Mutual Fund Investments Going The Digital Way

Mutual Fund Investments - Going The Digital Way ( Online platforms )

In todays world E-commerce has practically captured every facet of our lives. Whether it comes to transacting online, purchasing groceries, furniture, planning vacations or trading in stocks and securities or investing in Mutual funds, everything can now be done online. Access to internet and availability of smart phones enables us to conduct entire transaction within four walls of our home or offer and saves time and money too. Hence more number of people choose to go digital now.

Asset management companies are now ramping up their website and mutual fund distributors are also on the same verge and are giving investors access to online platforms to widen their reach. E-KYC with Aadhaar details is among few of the initiatives making online investments in mutual funds possible.

Some of the tools available:

Online platforms

These are most commonly used for online investments and available under three options:

  • Websites of mutual fund houses – These websites Allow investors to transact (buy/redeem/transfer) schemes
  • Online aggregators/ third-party platforms – These platforms Allow investors to transact in schemes of multiple mutual fund houses

Social media/ messaging services

Social media/ messaging services such as Facebook and Whatsapp prompted few AMC’s to reach investors and send them regular updates.

The Online Space for Mutual Funds

How can you benefit from online mutual fund investments?


Current technology has eased the process of investment and also enabled people to track their investment portfolio on regular basis. Investors can enjoy access to online information on their investment portfolios and thus avoid hassles of maintaining physical records. Online Platforms run by third-party distributors/ R&T agents allow individuals to invest in multiple schemes offered by different mutual fund companies at a single shot on the same platform.


Investors are Tech-savvy today and want to save time as the online process works much faster than the traditional physical mode.

Value-added services:

Many of these online platforms also provide value added services such as customised portfolio. These aspects are far more efficient when compared to regular product literature provided in physical form from any fund house.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk and the Investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing & must read all scheme related document carefully

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